Connecting Technology and Education → Providing 'Quality Education Globally'
  • Global Classrooms is an innovativie educational program that engages toddlers, kindergarten, primary, middle, high schools, colleges and institution students in an exploration of international standards of quality education.
  • Global Classrooms is distinguished by its teacher and student resources that develop critical thinking, application of new methodology, better resolution and communication skills for toddlers, kindergarten, schools, colleges and institutional students.
  • Global Classrooms cultivates literacy, life skills and the attitude necessary for active citizenship.
  • Over the past decade, Global Classrooms has worked in major cities around the world, helping bridge the gap in the international community between experienced programs and traditionally underserved toddlers, kindergartens or public schools or schools or colleges or institutions to attain newheights and become a premiere international education program offering students valuable insight into the growing influence of globalization.

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